Need Food?

You’re not alone. One in 7 Coralville residents struggles to put food on the table on a consistent basis. Anyone who lives in Coralville or Tiffin is welcome to visit the pantry once a week for food assistance. We know food insecurity affects people from all walks of life, so we’re not here to judge -- we’re here to help, whatever your situation looks like.

Am I eligible to receive food assistance?
If you live in Coralville or Tiffin, you are eligible to receive food here.

How does it work?
Visit our pantry during our open hours:

  • Tuesday 2-6 pm

  • Wednesday 5-7pm

  • Thursday 10 am-noon

  • Saturday 10:30 am-1 pm

The first time you visit, please bring:

  • A photo ID (Community ID or Driver's License) or Social Security card

  • Proof of a Coralville or Tiffin address, such as:

    • Piece of mail postmarked within the last 30 days

    • Utility bill

    • Lease agreement

We’ll ask you for some basic information -- like how many people are in your family and their names/birth dates -- and we will give you a Client ID card. Bring that Client ID card every time you visit the pantry in the future, up to once per week.

All records are confidential and are not used for any other purpose.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to shop at the pantry on your first visit. As you shop, you’ll choose the food that works best for your family. We provide non-perishable items as well as fresh and frozen produce, bakery, meat, and dairy items. The only items we limit are meat, milk, peanut butter, and toilet paper.

Our building and pantry is ADA-accessible. If you need assistance shopping or carrying groceries, please let one of our volunteers know.

If you’re unable to visit the pantry yourself, you can send someone else on your behalf. Please write us a quick note granting that person permission to pick up your food. They will need to bring your Client ID card (or your registration materials if you’re new to the pantry) and a signed note from you when they come to the pantry.

Feel free to come every single week, or just now and then. We want you to feel comfortable coming here. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know.

Additional Resources:
Please visit the following sites for more information on food assistance in Johnson County: